The Clippers Doing 280 Characters Right.

This November, Twitter increased their character count from the traditional 140 to 280. Oh no… More like OH YES cause the Los Angeles Clippers have adopted the Twitter character increase quite nicely. The theme today – 280 Characters being done beautifully.

Integrating 280 Characters

I like brevity so when the Twitter 280 update came out, I wasn’t too big on it. It meant an opportunity for more clutter on a platform intended for concise writing. The Clippers have implemented this update to their advantage. Just because it’s more characters doesn’t necessarily equate to more type. The Clippers have integrated white space and lots of info into a Tweet.

Easy skim, happy follower.

FullSizeRender 47FullSizeRender 40

280 in Game Updates

From tip off to the final whistle, the Clippers are keeping you up-to-date on the B-Ball game. Social is primarily a notifier of news, but here you can consume this content meticulously. On point emojis, excellent white spacing.

Game announcements and quarter updates. Truly a timeline.FullSizeRender 42FullSizeRender 39FullSizeRender 36FullSizeRender 44FullSizeRender 35FullSizeRender 45

280 in Individual Highlights

Because the lifespan of a Tweet is about 15 minutes, it’s ok to tweet a lot. The Clippers go all out and individually highlight their player statistics. A meaningful action that probably goes a long way for the baller. I know if I got shouted out on Twitter for my performance, I would feel more motivated to put up big numbers.

Social motivating players to put in work. A good reason to have social in sports.

FullSizeRender 38FullSizeRender 34

That statistic emoji is so appropriate. 📊 It is now engraved in my mind as a consumer. It is now the Clippers’ emoji by association without them ever having to pay for it.

All in all. The Clippers are branding their online identity in a concise layout. #ItTakesEverything from emojis, dashes, colons, to pressing the enter key on the keyboard to get the necessary spacing.

280 is cool. Here is my highlight to you @LAClippers.

(Tip: The notes app on your iPhone allows you the ability to space your Tweets in the manner you’d like to see them.)

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